Suffer from Allergies or Asthma?


Courtesy of ACI Manufacturing

The “ULTRA” washable air filters have an antimicrobial protection that will not allow bacteria, fungi or mold to grow on the filter surface.

The antimicrobial protection is not a coating and is not sprayed on. It is a safe and effective antimicrobial agent processed directly into the electrostatic fiber media, rendering it as permanent as the filter itself. The University of Tennessee simulated a 500 consecutive washing test. The results indicated the antimicrobial properties to be as effective on the last wash as it was with the first washing. The additive acts to help control the growth of a number of undesirable organisms on the filter surface.

Antimicrobial protection has been used in many products where bacteria, mold, and fungi can be a problem.

Schools, nursing homes and hospitals realize the benefit of clean indoor air. Not only do their patients and students benefit; the employees are using less sick days and are more productive.

Allergy doctor’s recommend the “ULTRA” electrostatic furnace filters to their patients.

It is recommended to set your system’s fan switch to manual and adjust your thermostat accordingly. This will allow the air to be cleaned continuously with the small fan motor running, not your compressor.

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