Sulfur Compounds Analyzer MEXA-1170SX

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Courtesy of HORIBA Europe GmbH

The MEXA-1170SX is a continuous gas analyzer for sulfur compounds existing in engine emissions. It can measure SO2 concentration and the amount of total reduced sulfur compounds (TRS), such as H2S, separately. It can also measure the total sulfur compounds (TS) that contains both gaseous compounds and liquid compounds in PM, such as SO3. By utilizing ultra-violet fluorescence (UVF) method and various original analysis techniques such as ozone injection, the MEXA-1170SX achieves reliable measurements with low interference from other co-existing compounds.

Sulfur compounds in exhaust gases can be absorbed on particulate matter (PM) and then enter the respiratory system, causing concern as to the effect on human's health. Measurement of sulfur components in vehicle emissions is important in evaluating de-sulfating systems for NOx after-treatment systems, such as a lean NOx trap catalyst, where sulfur poisoning on the surface would cause a serious decay of catalyst activity.

Additionally, in recent years, oil consumption of vehicles has attracted much attention since it is closely related to fuel consumption. For oil consumption measurement, the oil weighing process has been generally used. This method can directly measure the mass of consumed oil, however, it is hard to obtain real-time information about oil consumption. The sulfur tracing method, in which oil consumption is calculated from the sulfur compounds exhausted from an engine, has also been investigated as an alternative method.

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