Sulphur depositions reduced in Norway

NILU recently presented the results from a study where the total depositions of sulphur and nitrogen compounds in Norway have been estimated with a grid resolution of 50×50 km2, based on available measurements of air and precipitation chemistry. The estimate covered the period from 1978 to 2001.
The Norwegian Ministry of Environment started the programme on Tolerance Levels in Nature in 1989. A working group with representatives from the Directorate for Nature Management (DN) and Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT) is administrating the programme.

Estimated total yearly depositions for the period 1997-2001 were approximately 79 000 tonnes sulphur and 146 000 tonnes nitrogen. Compared with similar estimates for the period 1992-1996, there has been a reduction in the sulphur and nitrogen deposition of 32% and 4% respectively. In 1978-1982 the corresponding numbers were 191 000 tonnes sulphur and 173 000 tonnes nitrogen.

Also the amounts of precipitation varied significantly between the different periods with 10% lower amounts during the period 1978-82, 6% higher amounts during 1988-92 and 6% lower amounts during the period 1992-1996 compared to 1997-2001. However, changes in precipitation amounts can only to a small extent explain the observed changes in deposition of sulphur and nitrogen.

Sulphur depositions reduced in Norway

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