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Summary conservation action plans for Mongolian reptiles and amphibians

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The assessments were carried out during the Second International Mongolian Biodiversity Databank Workshop from the 11th to 15th September 2006. The assessments revealed a number of trends affecting the amphibians and reptiles of Mongolia. Six Mongolian reptile and amphibian species were identified as regionally threatened. These summary conservation action plans are intended to highlight species of particular concern, and to alert policy-makers, conservationists, and government and planning authorities of actions that will help to ensure that all reptiles and amphibians of Mongolia maintain viable populations into the future. Detailed action plans are already in place for some of the species in this document; the summary conservation action plans for Mongolian reptiles and amphibians are not intended to replace these documents, but to accompany them, and further details are provided for action plans already available. Each summary conservation action plan presents information about the status of the species, the current known distribution, threats faced, conservation measures presently established, and recommended conservation measures. The future of Mongolia's herpetological biodiversity depends on the response of the Mongolian and global community to the plight of the species discussed in these summary conservation action plans.

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