Sun Oil Vapor Recovery System - Hydrocarbon Vapor Suppression


Courtesy of Rusmar Inc.

Products & Equipment Used:
  • Pneumatic Foam Unit NTC 8
  • AC-645 Long Duration Foam

Application Summary:

Mid Atlantic Constructors installed a vapor recovery system at the Sun Oil Marcus Hook (PA) Refinery. This involved connecting vapor return pipes to the existing pipe structure at a dock used to load and unload ships and barges. The pipes were to be connected via welding which had to take place over a drip pan. On several occasions, Sun Oil tried to clean the pan by high pressure washing, but were unable to get a clean vapor reading. The inability to guarantee that the pan would not catch fire was a safety risk that neither Sun Oil nor Mid Atlantic Constructors were willing to take. Sun Oil was familiar with Rusmar Incorporated from previous use during the Middle Creek Abatement Project. Sun Oil recommended that Mid Atlantic Constructors utilize Rusmar AC-645 Long Duration Foam to suppress the vapors. Once the foam was applied to the pan, no vapor readings were detected. The entire welding project was completed, without incident, thanks to the superior vapor suppression properties of the AC-645 foam.

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