Sunlight Services Group Ltd., Wellingborough, U.K.


Courtesy of Thermal Energy International Inc.

Site Engineer John Wright at Sunlight Services Group has tried every make of mechanical steam trap over the last 30 years and found they all failed and continually required testing, new parts or total replacement.

Sunlight fitted a couple of GEMs on an ironer and a drier, replacing mechanical traps. An immediate improvement on equipment performance was noted with better temperatures than ever before. Sunlight continued to replace all failing mechanical traps with GEM's over the course of a year and each time noted an improvement in performance.

By the end of a one year period Sunlight noticed a significant saving in gas charges through reduced steam trap losses and the partial installation and ordered GEM steam traps for the rest of the Wellingborough laundry facility resulting in savings in excess of $20,000 annually and a simple payback of less than a year.

Sunlight Branch Manager Graham Benwell said 'that from the beginning it was noticed that with GEM traps installed, supply steam was drier than ever'. The laundry no longer needs to hold expensive spares in stock, nor ever spend time testing and replacing failed traps. The system is now much more reliable and productivity markedly improved.

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