Supercritical water oxidation of sewage sludge – state of the art

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Courtesy of SCFI Group Limited

Supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) is an innovative and effective destruction method for organic wastewater and sludge. Several tests of the destruction of sewage sludge by SCWO have been done at two state of the art pilot plants. These units have capacities of 250 kg/h and 1100 kg/h, respectively. The test results show that the technology easily destroys the organic material in the sludge and the inorganic material left in the effluent is virtually not leachable and is very easily settled. The very encouraging results indicate that the technology is ready to be commercialised for treatment of sewage sludge. Furthermore, the advantages and possibilities of the method has attracted possible end users and extensive tests containing long continuous operation to finally prove the long term reliability of the technology will be performed during the second quarter 2001.

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