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Supergro is the ideal solution for developer’s erosions problems


Courtesy of Propex Operating Company, LLC

Lakeside of Oakdale is a residential development located in northeastern Oklahoma City. This development centers around a 23-acre recreational lake with ample opportunities for soil erosion. The developer wanted to make sure that the slopes in the development and especially around the lake's perimeter were stabilized and vegetated as the lake filled with water and construction of homes began.

Tallgrass Environmental Solutions, LLC, (TES) was contracted to determine the Best Management Practices to ensure that the slopes on the site were stabilized. Joshua Rasp, the project manager, selected several products to use on the 3:1 and greater slopes. He tried two types of blown fiber materials, and SuperGro erosion control fabric manufactured by Propex Geosynthetics. Some of the key issues at this site included:

  • High ground water which effected working the soil
  • The topography was all slopes which made it difficult to utilize equipment
  • Slopes faced in all directions
  • Slopes experience frequent seepage causing slope softening

  • The installation took place during the early part of April 2005. To prepare the slopes for seeding, the sandy loam soil was dragged and, in places, hand graded, to create relatively smooth slopes.

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