Superior voc protection for project situated on former railroad site case study


Courtesy of CETCO

Project: Smith Performing Arts Center
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Products: Liquid Boot Gas Vapor Mitigation System, GeoVent™ Gas Venting System, Ultraseal Waterproofing System

Background: Vapor intrusion has become a significant environmental issue for regulators, industry leaders, and concerned residents nationwide. The use of a spray-applied gas vapor barrier to protect against the threat of vapor intrusion has become a widely recognized application by numerous local and state regulatory and guidance groups. These groups also recco-mend that a gas venting system be used in conjunction with a gas vapor barrier for optimum vapor intrusion mitigation.

Challenge: To install a seamless and gas-tight gas vapor barrier, protecting the 125,000 sq. ft. structure from residual VOC contamination in the soil. Portions of the project are situated in the water table, therefore, protection from water migration was also required.

The performing arts facility is situated on a location formerly used as a union railroad site. Soil gas analysis show residual VOC gases present in the soil due to it's former use. VOC levels indicate a need for a gas vapor barrier and venting system to protect the structure from gas vapor intrusion and to protect the indoor air quality.

Solution: CETCO provided design assistance, on and offsrte trainingand technical supportfbr both the waterproofing and gas va por barrier and venting systems. CETCO'sdual system provides superior waterproofingand gas vapor protection by implamenting an active waterproofing technology, UltraSeal, and the industry-leading gas vapor barrier system, Liquid Boot. GeoVent™, high-performance, low-profile and trenchless gas venting system, was installed in conjunction with the gas vapor barrier system.

Result: Liquid Boot Gas Vapor Barrier and UltraSeal11 Waterproofing, provided by CETCO Building Materials, proved to be the most cost effective solution for the project CETCO's Liquid Boot technology allows for a seamless, monolithic application. Liquid Boot is sprayed at ambient temperatures and can adhere to penetrations, footings and other details without the use of batton strips, compression or welding, effectively sealing critical vapor intrusion pathways.

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