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New onsite remediation process for PCB-contaminated soils

The PCB cleanup market is currently estimated to be $40-billion worldwide. There are several PCB remediation companies, but most require energy-intensive incineration, the dangerous and costly transportation of contaminated materials, and processes that involve the release of air emissions— including cancer-causing dioxins and furans.

However, after years of research, Sonic Environmental Solutions Inc., based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has developed a transportable, onsite process to effectively remediate PCB-contaminated soils with no environmental impacts or hazardous emissions. This fall, the technology achieved compliance with the B.C. Hazardous Waste Regulations of the Environmental Management Act. Sonic’s PCB “Sonoprocess”, which is the subject of patent applications in over 20 countries, is based on the ability of a sonic generator platform technology to de-agglomerate soil and enhance chemical reactions. “Our mobile treatment system knows no bounds,” says Adam Sumel, President and CEO of Sonic Environmental. “The relatively straightforward technology can be set up anywhere in the world to effectively and cost efficiently reat hazardous waste and minimize liability.'

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