Supplier Spotlight – World Water Works, Inc


Courtesy of World Water Works, Inc.

World Water Works’- PAY AS YOU SAVE program is significantly changing the risks and the costs associated with Dairy wastewater. In a nutshell, the program is provides dairies with a low fixed operational cost and guaranteed performance.

World Water Works provides the technology. Systems are remotely monitored and partially controlled at World Water Works’ headquarters. The dairy management can rest comfortably knowing they have:

  • Small Capital Requirements.
  • Significantly Less Operational Costs.
  • Guaranteed Discharge Compliance.

World Water Works’ technology has been successfully used in the dairy industry for many years demonstrating significant reduction in discharge costs. Last year, because of years of success in the industry, SECO, a large dairy buying group, approved World Water Works as its first wastewater equipment vendor.

The Pay As You Save program was designed specifically for the dairy customer to reduce the risks associated with wastewater noncompliance and to guarantee the dairy customer a fixed cost of operation. The risk has been transferred from the customer to World Water Works, as it should be, after all, WWW is the wastewater expert. This shift in risk, the low capital cost entry point, and the almost immediate payback make the www - Pay As You Save Program an  industry changing wastewater solution.

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