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Supply chain efforts among downstream and upstream: a developed view

This paper aims to find out the various types of effort levels in upstream and downstream supply chain. For this purpose, whole supply chain effort is divided into two major parts, viz., supplier effort level (upstream supply chain) and manufacturer effort level (downstream supply chain). Further supplier effort and manufacturer effort are divided into system–based and contract–based effort levels. The contribution of the paper lies in exploring quality system effort, and technology and management at vendor end which are critical components in system–based efforts in upstream supply chain. Considering contract–based efforts in upstream chain, lot acceptance and quality determinant are included. In the case of downstream supply chain, product testing and delivery effort with variables have been found to be appropriate. Further in contract–based efforts forwarding contract effort by third–party and cash flow contract are considered. The effort levels may differ from industry to industry and from product to product.

Keywords: QDI, quality determinant index, CFA, carry forward agents, supply chain contracts, upstream supply chain, downstream supply chain, lot acceptance criteria, supply chain management, SCM, product testing, delivery effort

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