Support agreements: get help and keep your PULSE system up to date


What If?

Time and money are both precious commodities, and there’s nothing worse than standing alone at the end of a purchase with a flurry of “what ifs” running around your head. And as well as all the “what ifs”, there are other criteria that have to be considered and met before deciding to buy.

For example, the following services could add to a product’s appeal:

  • Annual accredited calibration for accurate measurements
  • Preventive maintenance for minimal downtime
  • Access to expert advice and guidance
  • Staff training

The above-mentioned considerations are crucial to customer satisfaction and, subsequently, crucial to us. We want you to get the most out of your PULSE system, so we continue to support you after your purchase. And, by choosing the right service and support you'll get the most accurate results easily, efficiently, and confidently.

For example, if you need help and have a support agreement, just call our hotline during normal working hours to talk to experienced Brüel & Kjær engineering support teams. Users without a contract that need help are billed on a case-by-case basis. Also, agreement holders get automatic access to revised and enhanced software features that offer the following benefits:

  • Tested to work with Microsoft® Windows® – keeps your products secure and reliable
  • Upgrade – increase efficiency using the newest technology
  • Unify software versions – become more flexible

Software Maintenance and Support Agreement

If you are a PULSE owner, you need to ensure that your PULSE system remains up to date, especially with today's constantly changing technical and business environments. The Brüel & Kjær Software Maintenance and Support Agreement keeps your PULSE system on top of this evolution and provides access to experts who will provide technical user support when you need it. You will also receive a quarterly Newsmail with special offers and valuable information.

In the following sections you can discover the valuable enhancements made to the displays in PULSE LabShop version 14; enhancements that are freely available to holders of a valid software maintenance agreememt.

Notable Display Enhancements in PULSE 14

With the introduction of PULSE 14, a series of new features and enhancements have been included in PULSE's Modern Displays:

  • Colour contour plots
  • Campbell Diagram
  • Isolines
  • Contour with Isolines
  • Tag Cursor

Contour and Campbell Plots
Contour plots and Campbell Diagrams are convenient ways of displaying data gathered for rotating machinery. This is a helpful tool in monitoring, troubleshooting, or analyzing the response of rotating machinery. Campbell diagrams are commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries to help troubleshoot undesirable noise or vibration caused by the engine. The data used in the graph is often generated by measuring the response at a particular point on or near the engine, while the engine RPM is steadily increased. While the motor speed is sweeping up, spectra are generated, and the engine’s RPM is recorded at each instant.

Isolines display lines representing a constant value of a contoured variable. If this is selected, you can select the number of levels you wish to display, up to a maximum of 16. You can also combine all the functions to show an interpolated colour contour plot with isolines.

Tag Cursors
Tag cursors with level setting can be used to place any number of cursors anywhere on the graph. The tag cursor can be added manually or generated from the automatic peak and valley detection. The tag cursor includes parameters to set level, maximum number, and sharpness of detected peak or valley. Tag cursors expand the intuitive and interactive display settings like scroll and zoom X and Y axes using your mouse, direct setting of maximum axis value, auto ranging of axis by double-clicking the mouse, axis locking, and axis type that allows you to easily tailor the display to fit your needs.


For your convenience we have made a short tutorial video explaining how to use these new displays in PULSE, the new functionality, and the easier to use interface. 

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