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Supporting Multi Stakeholder Involvement for Flood Risk Management Planning

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Good governance concepts are required for the development of Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMP) in the sense of the EC Flood Directive (2007/60/EC). Within the INTERREG IVb project SAWA [1] a governance approach has been developed and implemented which tries to meet the requirements of good governance through broad stakeholder involvement in the planning process. It uses Learning & Action Alliances- LAAs [2] as communication and decision-making platforms in which public and professional stakeholders develop a FRMP together in a 4-step-cycle composed of scoping, understanding & envisioning, experimenting and evaluation steps. As this process is very learning intensive and requires a high level of expertise for decision making, corresponding methods and tools are required to support this process. This new governance approach to develop FRMP with the application of different tools is demonstrated in a real case study- the Wandse catchment area, Hamburg, Germany, and the results and experiences are discussed.

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