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Supporting wave and tidal energy in the UK - an analysis of UK Policy 2000-2009

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In order to stimulate UK based marine energy technology developers, the UK Government launched the Marine Renewables Proving Fund (MRPF) in 2009. This instrument was designed to bridge the gap between early-stage research funding and the recently-criticised Marine Renewables Deployment Fund (MRDF). This paper develops an analysis framework for policy instruments designed to support technology development. The framework is applied to the community of wave and tidal energy developers and their technical progress recorded on a scale of technology readiness levels. Ten UK public sector funding instruments are analysed within this framework, and a rationale developed for the lack of uptake of the MRDF and the likely demand for the MRPF.

Keywords: renewable energy, energy technologies, marine energy, technology readiness levels, TRLs, support schemes, funding instruments, policy analysis, wave energy, tidal energy, government support, UK, United Kingdom, marine renewables, technology development, wave power

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