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Population growth can push the limits of any city. As population swells, the infrastructure must keep one step ahead to support the community's expanding needs.

In the desert,clean water is always the most critical necessity

This is why the Water Services Department in Surprise. Arizona has been working so hard to meet the challenges of rapid growth in this once sleepy community.

A mid-decade census puts the 2005 population of thc City of Surprise at 88,265 - almost triple the 2000 census of approximatvly 30,000 residents. City officials say the 2006 figure is roughly 96,000 people.

45 years old and growing

The City cetebraled its 45th birthday last year. When it was incorporated in 1960. it was primarily an agricultural community.

However, thanks to the warm climate and dry air, the semi-conductor and warehousing industries have found niches in cities near Surprise. The City has an ambitious economic development plan, targeting bio technology and high end hotels, along with large retail chains, many of whom are already on site in Surprise.  The Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals do their spring training in the new Surprise Stadium. New housing and safe neighbourhoods are drawing thousands of new residents every year.

“The city is attractive to new businesses as industry is able to come in and help develop the area rather than have to adjust to what is atready developed,” said Daniel Blackson, Operations Manager for the City of Surprise Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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