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Surface optical modes in GaN nanowires


We investigate the optical phonons in crystalline GaN nanowires using Raman spectroscopy. Reduced phonon lifetime in the nanostructures is attributed to the increased anisotropy in lattice vibrations. Apart from the group theoretically allowed optical phonons, new phonon modes around 652 cm−1 and 691 cm−1 have been observed. In view of its good agreement with values in GaN, the observed phonon mode is assigned as surface optical (SO) phonon. This could be attributed to the surface modulation along the GaN nanowire diameter and it is quantitatively evaluated with observed surface morphology and the calculated dispersion relation corresponding to SO phonon modes. The modulation in the surface morphology, observed in the present study, is typical of the vapour-liquid-solid growth process. The instability in the surface phonon potential activates the SO phonon modes, which is well explained in this present study.

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