Surface Water Treatment Industry - Case Study


Courtesy of Watman Ltd.

“The surface treatment industry itself exists to produce durable products and to spare the environment.“ K. Hartwall Ltd. is an enterprise in the metal industry with net sales of approximately 20 million euro. The company is well known for its innovative carriage products used in the transport and storage of goods, especially foodstuffs. The primary material in carriages is steel, which is surface-treated to enhance the appearance, and corrosion resistant.

The galvanization plant is one of the biggest in Northern Europe. It was designed to treat the rinse water emitted from the surface treatment production as well as the dumped plating baths. The automated plant can run without constantly being manned.

The main parameters of the plant can be monitored from the surface treatment production’s mainframe computer, which also reports on any malfunctions. Moreover, pumps, mixers, chemical dosing, etc., can be controlled from the local control centre.

The equipment can also be operated manually, and the automation software informs the operator of and malfunctions. Waste water from the factory complies with the maximum limits set for metals in industrial process water coming to the Helsinki region’s waste water treatment plant.

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