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Surge anticipator eliminates pipe breakage in central Saanich - Case Study


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Their Challenge

Central Saanich District has a medium-sized, widely dispersed sewage collection system that sends sewage for treatment to the regional wastewater treatment plant. One of its facilities pumps sewage through a 12” (300 mm) asbestos cement forcemain to a sewer siphon several kilometers away. Due to aging infrastructure and surges from pumps stopping and power failures, the forcemain would rupture.

Our Solution

Singer Valve’s Pneumatic Dynamic Lifter® (A106-DL-Air) with surge anticipating function because it is designed to reduce stress on pipes, thereby preventing bursts and adding longevity to the life of the pipe. And, because it is pneumatic with the solenoid-operated surge anticipator, it works during power outages.

Central Saanich has three 75 hp pumps that each cycle between 30 to 50 times every day. “Because the valve operates on every shutdown, it is crucial that the valve operation is precise and occurs at the right times to prevent surges,” says Mark Gimson, a Singer Valve account sales manager. “Otherwise, you could literally blow lines out of the ground.”

The Result

The result is a highly responsive solution that has proven true. No surges and no line breaks, even during a power outage.

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