Surrette Battery Co. Replaces Baghouse with Whirl Wet Dust Collector for Pasting Operation.


Courtesy of Tri-Mer Corporation

Surrette Battery Company Limited, Springhill, Nova Scotia is a leading lead-acid battery manufacturer, and Canada's only independent battery manufacturer. The battery company manufactures long-life, true 'deep cycle' battery systems for railroad, marine, industrial and renewable energy applications.

Surrette Battery wanted a corrosion-free system that would withstand acid fumes from a paste mixer when materials were damp, and collect the dusts that were generated when materials (which had high concentrations of lead oxide) were dry. A baghouse met environmental requirements, but the company's proactive management wanted a more reliable dust collector that had minimal maintenance requirements and would accommodate future growth. The answer was an all-polypropylene Whirl Wet dust collector.

Whirl Wet dust collector systems are widely used throughout the battery industry for collecting lead oxide dusts in battery paste-making operations. These wet dust collector systems operate quietly, accommodates heavy dust loadings and are self-cleaning. Whirl Wet dust collectors can be set up for continuous, '24/7' operation.

The 2500 cfm Whirl Wet dust collector chosen by Surrette Battery collects dusts 1 micron and above at 99.5% efficiency. Our dust collector systems will not clog or blind in high-humidity conditions, and are unaffected by acid fumes. Water use is low, and water level is maintained automatically.

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