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Sustainability and environmental technology in Cyprus hotel industry

The purpose of this study is to identify the current situation in the Cyprus hotel industry, concerning environmental management and certain hotel activities. The study, conducted via closed–type questionnaires, focused on managers or owners of one to five star hotels in selected areas of Cyprus. The results indicated that the respondents accept the interaction between sustainability and environment, and they suggest that there is a need for tourism policy. However, there are gaps between the current situation in the tourism industry of Cyprus and the requirements for sustainable development mainly due to the limited access to capital, the limited information and training on environmental protection issues. Future studies giving emphasis on the required steps for facing the challenges may fill up the gaps towards a greener tourism and formulate a new sustainable strategy in the tourism industry.

Keywords: sustainable tourism, environmental technology, environmental practices, Cyprus, sustainability, hotel industry, sustainable development, environmental management, tourism policy, environmental protection, green tourism, hotels

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