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Sustainability framework for hazardous materials transport route planning

Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) transport is a vital logistic activity from the supply of raw materials to production units. However, there are risks associated with trucks being involved in accidents during HAZMAT shipment. It is essential that all criteria and factors involved need to be considered prior to HAZMAT transport decision making. The main purpose of this paper is to present a HAZMAT transport framework based on the sustainability paradigm by the application of a multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA) and geographic information system (GIS) for optimum HAZMAT transport route planning. A number of criteria and factors are proposed and categorised into three main groups: economic, environment and social issues. An explanation of the framework development processes: goal, method and tool are described. The proposed framework can be useful in the planning process of policy makers and carriers and/or shippers when they plan and evaluate possible routes for HAZMAT transport.

Keywords: HAZMAT, hazardous materials transport, MCDA, multicriteria decision analysis, GIS, geographic information systems, risk assessment, route planning, sustainability, policy makers, carriers, shippers

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