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Sustainability in the Humber River Basin

The Humber River Basin (HBR) responds to critical issues facing decision-makers concerning climate change and the sustainability of the HRB and its environments. The basin and its component watersheds represent an excellent platform from which to develop and integrate science and policy. The research presented herein is considered an important prerequisite to developing a more scientifically sound and ecosystem-based strategy for management of the basin ecosystem(s). Scientists and policy-makers in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada recognise that our most vital natural resources are directly or indirectly linked to water in the form of marine, fresh and estuarine systems.

Keywords: sustainability, ecosystems, Humber River Basin, climate change, assessment, human history, integrated land management, land cover, planning capacity, sustainable development, Canada, ecosystem management, land use planning, river basin management, strategic management, environmental management

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