Sustainability is a frame of mind

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The world is undergoing profound change. Trade and investment linkages are intensifying, creating the prospect of a truly global economy in which all countries should be active participants.

Globalisation, accompanied by open trade and investment, provides the conditions for improved economic prosperity and environmental protection, the mutually reinforcing goals of sustainable development.

ORCA & IBPMA support sustainable development and the promotion of wider environmental awareness, recognizing that the impact of human activity on the natural environment must be prevented from causing irreparable degradation.

A dynamic and innovative industry supplying better environmental, eco-efficient solutions is part of the evolving path to sustainability.

This means that we look for scenario's that imply adapting our life-styles and development paths to respect and work within nature's limits.

It is important to clarify from the beginning that this can be done without rejecting the many benefits that modern technology has brought, and the many different aspects of comfort and lifestyle that are part of our modern traditions, provided that technology also works within those limits.

The principles of a sustainable society are interrelated and mutually supporting.

Of those listed below, the first is the founding principle providing the ethical base for the others. This principle reflects the duty of care for other people and other forms of life, now and in the future. It is an ethical principle. It means that development should not be at the expense of other groups or later generations.

The next four define the criteria that should be met, and the last four (indicate) directions to be taken in working towards a sustainable society at the individual, local, national and international levels.

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