Sustainability measures - five essentials for effective data collection

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Globalization, unprecedented financial failures and. unsettling predictions about the future have many. contemplating what changes are necessary for society’s. core institutions to grow, prosper and flourish over the. long term. Some would argue that part of the solution is. to rethink and redefine “value,” integrating both. environmental and social dimensions to the traditional. financial calculus that defines success.

Today, many companies seem to agree with this notion and are in fact diligently working to characterize their social and environmental performance. While there may be differences of opinion as to precisely which sustainability measures are most material or best at delineating value, there is little debate on the essentials of good data collection, especially among those disclosing and using these new metrics and indicators in ways similar to that of traditional financial measures.

This white paper shares the fundamental aspects of what we have learned in managing sustainability data for numerous corporations around the globe. While it is impossible to include all our experience in this brief, we have condensed those learnings considered most important into the Five Essentials for effective sustainability data collection. Our hope is that these thoughts will serve as practical aids in the design and implementation of systems to better characterize and quantify the value social and environmental progress measures can bring.

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