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Sustainability of systems of systems


The purpose of this paper is to synthesise multiple worldviews of system of systems and introduce sustainability as a prerequisite for the development of the field. Fundamentally, systems of systems provide significantly greater capability than constituent systems. The enhanced capability is achieved through coordination and integration of complex systems. This research fosters sustainability to support enhanced capabilities in systems of systems. First, we establish sustainability in the context of system of systems characterisations. Second, the system of systems problem landscape and challenges is discussed in relation to sustainability. Third, the need for sustainability is transposed to three diverging perspectives in systems of systems. Fourth, two industrial cases are used to illustrate the need for sustainability. Fifth, we introduce an organising construct within which systems of systems might be developed to address sustainability and viability. The paper concludes with implications and directions for further research for sustainability in system of systems.

Keywords: carrier strike group, CSG, healthcare system of systems, metasystem, metasystem functions, sustainability, systems of systems, system of systems engineering, SoSE, viability

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