Sustainable Building 2010 - Becoming a supplier to Masdar City

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Becoming a supplier to Masdar City

Are you interested in supplying products in the construction and operation of Masdar City? In order for Masdar City to reach its ambitious goals of being one of the world’s most sustainable urban developments, Masdar City encourages suppliers to find out the carbon footprint for the products they sell and join in on taking actions towards improving sustainability throughout their production processes and supply chain.

Our solution

Tracking and measuring the environmental impact of your products is done through Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). The assessment helps identify processes which can be improved to increase efficiency and therefore improve the environmental performance of your products. In doing so, it will not only help your company to be more competitive, but give you a competitive advantage within your markets as well as be a door-opener to the presently immense and quickly growing market for sustainable products. This not only has direct impacts on your company’s image and reputation but also helps to reduce cost at different levels thus increasing profits in the medium-long term.

Different clean city development projects around the world are looking to find suppliers who are conscientious about their environmental impacts and that of their products. For city developments to achieve increasingly popular green development certifications such as LEED, DGNB, Breeam, Estidama etc… it is necessary to ensure that the environmental impacts of the building materials and products be disclosed. This is done using Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) which serve as environmental identity cards for your products.

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As LCA consultants to MASDAR City, we at PE INTERNATIONAL are looking forward to helping you better position your products with Masdar City as well as in the global sustainability market.

Please download our 2010 Sustainable Building brochure wherein you will find information on several developments in the construction arena that should convince you that a sustainability is the only way forward for businesses who want to be competitive in today’s marketplace. 

With over 20 years of offering consulting services and software solutions that help companies along the road to sustainability, we would like to extend our experience and support to you, each step of the way.

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