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Sustainable Caribbean Wastewater Strategy – St. Lucia Case Study


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Island Water Technologies Inc. (IWT) was contracted by the Canaries Community Improvement Foundation (Canaries, St. Lucia) to undertake a wastewater feasibility report which was financed through the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Program (SGP) under the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The scope of the project involved working with community representatives, to determine the feasibility of developing sustainable Caribbean wastewater treatment solutions for the town of Canaries, St. Lucia.


The report assessed the impact of climate change on the existing infrastructure and incorporated future wastewater planning considerations. Key stakeholders were identified, and go-forward strategies incorporating low-complexity, cost effective solutions for improved wastewater management are suggested.

A wastewater development roadmap was developed with solutions ranging from assessing the existing infrastructure and setting infrastructure baselines (water sampling, auditing existing holding tanks) all the way through to suggesting a centralized piped network with decentralized treatment solutions. Tasks were divided into those that can be enacted in the short-term with limited resources, as well as a longer term vision of decentralized treatment integrated to a centralized network of piping. All suggestions were aimed at reducing risk associated with fecal borne illness as a primary goal and a secondary goal of improved tourism based activities.

The components and outputs of the four proposed options suggested for the Canaries community were identified and point to immediate low-cost strategies and longer-term solutions. It is envisioned this document will function as a key road-map for the Canaries community, allowing them to predict next steps from a wastewater solutions perspective and help in securing funding for immediate and long-term projects. The methodology of this report could be followed in developing sustainable Caribbean wastewater solutions on a wider scale

Sustainable Caribbean Wastewater Strategy – St. Lucia Case Study

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