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Sustainable development: a review of progress, stagnation and potential

Many researchers have discussed the topic of sustainability or sustainable development from their chosen respective fields. This paper offers a review of the sustainable development paradigm from a number of broad perspectives, including the psychological and business facets. An account of the concept, in terms of its progression as a theoretical, and more importantly, a practical concept, is briefly given. The subject of heightened materialism and consumerism, where psychological paradigm changes with staunch political backing are required to eliminate current trends, is discussed. Some consideration of the needs and limitations aspect of sustainable development is included in terms of past and current experiences. The scale of issues pertaining to New Zealand's contribution as well as progress towards sustainable development is outlined. The paper concludes by presenting a number of questions regarding the approach that has and should be taken to ensure the long-term well-being of human life, existing with all its luxuries.

Keywords: China, economy, environment, global warming, limits to growth, materialism, consumerism, New Zealand, psychology, society, sustainable development, sustainability

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