Sustainable Development of Environmental and Non-Environmental Resources Using GIS for VISION 2050


The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) initiated the development of districts based on environmental information system and action plans as part of the A.P. Vision 2020 exercise. The principal objective of the proposed GIS project is to provide support to the APPCB and the stake holders of A.P. Government in designing a strategy and implementation mechanism to reduce overall burden of pollution associated with the exposure to water, Air and soil pollution. The proposed work will contribute to develop baseline data and existing environmental conditions to the GIS database being developed by the APPCB for each district. This will help the APPCB and other stake holder departments in the formulation of its action plans as well as long term strategies to address the environmental priorities. The other objectives are to put the burden of pollution due to industries, automobile and Indoor combustion in a broader context of overall damage to quality of human life caused by water, air and soil pollution.

Such an analysis will assist the government to identify the strategy and priority that should be given to different kinds of pollution from industrial, agriculture, vehicular, and domestic pollution with an ultimate goal of devising an overall strategy for environmental management for each district.

In order to achieve these objectives this study will broadly assess the links between the pollution indicators and the indicators of other stake holders. The established relations will then the used to demarcate the geographical area of each of the district into developmental zones based on sensitivity. The district shall be demarcated into environmental zones for strategic planning for formalising their implementation programmes of the stake holder departments.

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