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Sustainable development practices in mining sector: a GSCM approach

Public interest on environment and ecology has grown manifolds due to rapid climate changes, environmental health hazards and energy crisis. This has drawn the attention of mass media, societies and governments to intensify pressure on organisations for transforming their process into eco–friendly process. Subsequently, organisations have been looking for developing models, algorithms, technologies, information and communication system that can contribute best to their sustainable development (SD) policies by integrating their economical, social and environmental objectives. This paper aims at developing a sustainable development framework for Indian mining industries through GSCM approach. A hierarchical model of the drivers affecting the implementation of green supply chain management in Indian mining industries has been developed using an interpretive structural modelling (ISM) framework. The various drivers of green supply chain management (GSCM) are identified based on the review of GSCM literature and expert consultations.

Keywords: sustainable development, sustainability, green supply chains, supply chain management, GSCM, green SCM, interpretive structural modelling, ISM, mining industry

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