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In close cooperation with the Institute for Sustainable Commodities (ISCOM) research has been done
on sustainable electronic procurement in the so-called City Triangle in eastern part of the Netherlands
(WGR Regio Stedendriehoek). The City Triangle consists of the municipalities Apeldoorn, Brummen,
Deventer, Epe, Lochem, Voorst and Zutphen. The research was based on policy documents and
Sustainable procurement means taking account of environmental and social aspects in every stage of
the purchasing process, so that the products and services purchased meet certain environmental and
social requirements. The other angle of this report is the use of Internet technology in the purchasing
process (electronic procurement).
The following problem definition applied:
‘What does the purchasing process of the municipalities within the City Triangle look like with respect
to sustainable and electronic procurement and what impediments and incentives play a role in the
development of sustainable and electronic procurement?’
The report is characterized by a ‘funnel model’. Two funnels, one representing the sustainable policy
and one the information and/or communication policy, have been examined. Thereby the impact of the
sustainable policy and the information and/or communication policy on the administrative organization
and eventually in purchasing has been examined. The report is comprised of two parts. Part one gives
the theoretical framework that has been used to structure the fieldwork. Part two contains the findings.
Part one defines the term purchasing, models the purchasing process and discusses the so-called
‘racecar model’. Moreover, it explains the theoretical framework for sustainable procurement, the
information systems involved and the elements of electronic procurement. After these theoretical
chapters a transition to part two was inserted, containing the results of the interviews and the analysis
of the policy documents.

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