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Sustainable informal housing by means of a better public space

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Sustainable urban dwellings can function satisfactory if the larger environment function properly as a living space and that in turn depends largely on how communities manifest themselves outwardly and interact with the living spaces. This work highlights that housing environments of the informal housing is always in process of becoming, it is never final. It is neither a final statement, nor prescriptive rules. Where the criteria of sustainability do exists in these communities and can be achieved. This attempt is seen more as a guide, which condenses and reflects in an analytical thinking, and practical work that is underway, rather than a complete work. This study explores the urban environment toward the production of space, it involves investigation into types of spaces, which are relevant to informal and formal context in Cairo; it reviews how to lead to sustainable spaces and how much areas should be devoted to such spaces.

Keywords: informal housing, sustainability, urban housing, physical space, housing environments, sustainable housing, sustainable development, living spaces, Cairo, Egypt

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