Sustainable Recycling Company-bioFAS MBBR case study


Courtesy of BioprocessH2O

The Problem: The Sustainable Recycling Company centralized wastewater treatment (CWT) facility located in Connecticut. They process oily wastewater streams from a variety of sources via an integrated treatment process using collection, oil water separation, ultrafiltration, chemical precipitation. The pretreated wastewater is highly loaded with BOD and COD and the local POTW in Connecticut demanded significant reductions in organic loading.

The Solution: In 2010, bioprocessH2O supplied a bioFAS Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) biological treatment process to reduce BOD/COD on a single pass using three (3) 50,000‐gallon bioFAS MBBR Bioreactors operating in a 2:1 staged array or in a parallel configuration. Wastewater then flows to a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and a bioFLOW Membrane System for biosolids and TSS removal. 

Status/Results: The bioFAS MBBR System effectively removes 90% of the COD and virtually eliminates BOD on a single pass with minimal operator attention. The facility operates ~5 days per week with the treatment of highly variable organic loading conditions and wastewater streams with minimal impact on the MBBR bioreactor performance.

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