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Sustainable waste cooking oil systems supporting reuse such as Bio-fuels

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Waste cooking oil has great potential to be used as bio-fuel. What is not well known is that oil leaks carry risks of contamination and disease - proper storage is essential.

Waste cooking oil is a valuable commodity reused in a variety of markets. In the United Kingdom, the developing markets for reuse of this waste oil is bio-fuel, which is fuel used for heating and diesel.

Waste cooking oil (wco) stored and collected in a primitive manner results in tremendous ecological pollution, health risks, and safety concerns including spread of disease. The oil is thereafter processed before it is sold or reused for bio fuel manufacture.

The empty packaging is an ongoing stream of waste to landfill (unsuitable for incineration due to instable calorific content). Although some waste cooking oil is recovered and recycled, a substantial quantity enters waterways from leaks and spills having a detrimental effect on wildlife, as well as causing blocked/burst water pipes.

This is accepted practice, since The Waste Carriers Licence does not distinguish sustainable business services from non-sustainable practices which are accepted by catering establishments, including hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, staff canteens, leisure complexes, prisons, etc.

To overcome the above Ecological and Health concerns, Euro Environmental Containers (EEC) has introduced Sustainable Closed Loop Systems to Store & Recover waste cooking oil in a compliant and sustainable manner to assist everyone in the chain, facilitating waste cooking oil to be re-used directly for manufacture of bio-fuel without further processing.

The systems comprise of Eco Designed containers, custom built for waste cooking oil. The containers add value to the waste cooking oil, so that the oil can be reused direct for bio-fuel, adding value to the oil as well as reducing emissions.

EEC Compliant Containers, with a capacity of 130 litres reduce the risk of leaks and spills, preventing oil entering the waterways as well as the risk of e-coli and leptospirosis which are fatal and sometimes difficult to diagnose.

These services reduce the burden on Water Companies resources by reducing the number of blocked and burst pipes. In addition, oil is recovered in a sustainable manner with no waste to landfill.

It is exceedingly difficult to enter the market with sustainable products, particularly when well known establishments and contractors, both in the private and public sector use primitive polluting systems.

It is envisaged that recent Regulations, will lead to several prosecutions with minimum fines of £25,000 as emphasis of the onus has changed.

Conscientious businesses, both large and small, are concerned about the environment. In an attempt to reduce emissions they diligently use EEC Compliant Containers. Accordingly we appoint Environmental Champions.

You too can become an Champion for your organisation. Let us help you.

• Emissions reduced can be contributed to obligated businesses/authorities.

• All systems are robust and manufactured in the UK with several years’ life.

• Euro Environmental Containers products and services overcome Ecological, health & safety, diseases and therefore outweigh resources used for manufacture.

• The founders interest is in sustainability, which cross cuts and includes growth, employment, emissions, and social aspects.

Scientists have proved that there are links with Bovine Spongiform Encepathalopathy (BSE) variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (CJD) and waste cooking oil through animal feed. Some sources of waste cooking oil is banned from animal feed. It is therefore crucial to ensure total traceability that the oil is used for bio-fuels. Motivation is setting of standards and services for ethical and commercial reasons with a balance approach (without the commercial aspect ethical concerns are unachievable). The enormity of implications of this project effects YOUR health, MY health and that of generations to come.

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