Sustainable wastewater aerator system built for generations


When building a wastewater treatment facility 26 years ago, officials in the village of Theresa, Wis., decided on an oxidation ditch design and chose Aire-O 2 aspirator aerators based on their flexibility and energy efficiency. Today, several of those aerators are still in use and the treatment facility operates at even more efficient standards using a new line of the 'next generation' Aire-O 2 Triton process aerators.

The village of Theresa has undergone some changes over the decades. The population has increased by almost 56%, growing from 800 to 1,250 residents, and what was a new dairy processing plant years ago is now an established cheese factory. All of this equates to more demands on the village's wastewater treatment process. However, some things at the Theresa wastewater treatment facility have remained constant--Dennis Guelig, the director of public works, and his relationship with Aeration Industries International , manufacturer of Aire-O 2 aerators. Together, the partnership has ensured compliance to maintain environmental water quality.

'We have been working with Aeration Industries and the Aire-O 2 aerators since 1984, when the plant was built,' said Guelig. 'The aerators provide excellent results with minimal maintenance.'

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