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Sustainable wastewater treatment chemicals in a food processing plant


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A food ingredients manufacturer was using an inorganic aluminium metal salt with pH correction to treat their effluent. This chemical regime refused to give them any real control over their effluent characterisation. Their effluent plant required constant monitoring and adjustment.

The inability to control the characterisation of the effluent exiting the site meant non-compliance to the requirements of their trade effluent consent which attracted considerable interest from the regulators. The irregular chemical dosing meant the chemical volume being used was much too high and it also created large amounts of sludge that required off-site disposal.

Behaving in an environmentally responsible manner is what all businesses aspire to but the expense of meeting environmental regulation as well as all other legal requirements can be challenging financially.

With the help of wastewater treatment specialists, Atana Limited, this food ingredients manufacturer changed their effluent treatment from inorganic aluminium metal salt to the Cofloc sustainable and biodegradable organic chemical regime. Atana Limited also helped them to make changes to their pH correction system and the result is a stable effluent characterisation that meets trade effluent consent every time, warrants less regulatory visits, has reduced the chemical cost by 40% and produces at least 50% less sludge.

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