Sustainia wants us to start acting today, not tomorrow

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Earlier this year, we asked if we might already have what we need to solve our greatest environmental challenges. Stop looking for the next big thing, we wrote, and start doing the last big thing better. Maybe, if scaled up appropriately or invested in properly, the solutions are already there for us.

A similar edict seems to be at the heart of global think tank Sustainia, which tries to look at “what we’re working for, not just against,” as Greenbiz wrote in 2013. With the publication of Sustainia100, a guide to innovative and readily available sustainability solutions from around the world, the nonprofit goes beyond attempting to inspire investors, business leaders, consumers and policy makers to choose a sustainable future — it puts the options for doing so right in front of them.

“The solutions are exciting because they give us tangible ways to start acting. Not tomorrow or when heads of states can agree on binding treaties — but today,” says Sustainia director Laura Storm.

The top 100 solutions in action are a result of choosing 10 entries — from over 900 — in each of 10 categories: buildings, food, fashion, transportation, IT, education, energy, health, cities and resources. Take the best in each of those sectors and you’re left with the 10 finalists vying for the Sustainia Award, which will be given out at a ceremony in Copenhagen on October 30, 2014. Above are the finalists for each category.

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