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Sustaining quality management: case study at Sanyo Semiconductor (Thailand)

The study illustrates the application of the System Engineering-Capability Maturity Model (SE-CMM) for sustaining and improving quality-management practices. This study takes place at Sanyo Semiconductor Thailand (SSTH) during June?December 2007 with extensive support and cooperation from its top management. The checklist, adapted from the SE-CMM and uniquely designed for the SSTH, is developed to evaluate the strength of ISO 9001:2000 practices among the company's functional units. The results show that the production function exceeds the SE-CMM level 4. The overall findings are generally consistent with top management's viewpoint. The research benefits include knowledge sharing and transfer in regard to ISO 9001:2000 practices across the SSTH functions. Furthermore, the SE-CMM framework can potentially strengthen its supply-chain management. In conclusion, the SE-CMM helps sustain and strengthen the SSTH's quality management.

Keywords: CMM, capability maturity model, knowledge management, quality management, sustainability, Sanyo Semiconductor, Thailand, system engineering, sustainable economy, sustainable development, ISO 9000:2000, ISO 9001, quality standards, knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer, supply chain management, SCM

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