Sweden is showing innovations by Swedish companies in line with ‘Make in India’ initiative


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The ongoing Sweden India Nobel Memorial Week 2016, which will go on till October 7, is also lauding innovation, keeping Prime Minister Narendra Modi ’s ‘ Make in India ’ initiative in mind.

This is the 10th edition of the Memorial Week and this time, the Sweden Embassy in India is highlighting innovations done by the Swedish companies, in line with Modi’s vision of turning India into a innovation hub.

The Sweden India Nobel Memorial Week 2016 has a string of events such as seminars and board discussions among well known Indian and Swedish chiefs from government and business and in addition the scholarly world, to rivalries for understudy and social exhibitions.

These events are taking place across Indore, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Guwahati and New Delhi.

The highlight of event is Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy, and Erik Brandsma, Director General of Swedish Energy Agency, who will be in attendance. Other exciting projects of the week are The Nobel Wall in Delhi, Noida and Chennai, The Swedish Film Festival in Chennai and Nobel Memorial Reception.

Sweden's Ambassador Harald Sandberg said, 'The Nobel Week is a great platform to strengthen cooperation and deepen relations between both the countries. India and Sweden do share common basic values and interests, and at the same time, we see a great potential to take inspiration from each other and expand our cooperation across a range of sectors. India is a great example of unity in diversity and Sweden collaborates with India under the India's 'Smart Cities' initiative. Many Swedish companies specializing in the sustainable urban development sector have been working in India for many years.'

The Sweden India Nobel Memorial Week is held in memory of Swedish innovator and giver Alfred Nobel to observe Indian Nobel laureates and is sorted out in participation with leading Swedish organizations in India. The topic for the tenth version of the Week is Swedish commitments - 'Sweden Makes in India', including sustainability and innovation. Our try is to utilize this stage to concentrate on innovations and sustainable advancement, which is the trademark of Swedish organizations.'

There are around 160 Swedish companies operating in the country employing 160,000 people directly. Big names from Sweden present in India include ABB, Altas Copco, Ericsson, IKEA, SAAB, Scania, SEB, Tetra Pak, Volvo Cars and Volvo Group and the SME partners Blueair, Camfil and CleanMotion.

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