Sweed machinery attends ISRI


Courtesy of Sweed Machinery, Inc.

Sweed Machinery is attending the annual ISRI convention at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada this year! The ISRI convention provides professionals in the scrap industry an opportunity to network and gather the latest news and trends available for scrap recyclers.

With their line of scrap choppers, shears, and wire and cable separation systems, Sweed helps scrap recyclers dispose of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous linear material; including steel and plastic banding, pipe, wire and cable, slitter line, punch press scrap, and OD and ID tube scarf. This year, Sweed will be featuring their two latest developments in scrap chopping, the Model 525 and the Mini-Shear at the ISRI tradeshow.

The Mini-Shear can handle all types of mild steel, bar, wire and cable, various metal products, plates and tubes and is simple to operate and easy to maintain; utilizing two adjustable blades which are designed to be reground to sustain their sharpness. The New Model 525 Wire Chopper is an industrious machine that simply eats wads of scrap baling wire and spits out compactable results. With a dual-driven feedworks, the Model 525 can easily pull in multiple pieces of scrap wire with knots, twists and even the occasional tangled nest.

Sweed’s equipment pays for itself by providing more production space, increasing safety, and producing premium recyclable scrap.

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