Sweed model 5703 XHD magnetic separator system


Courtesy of Sweed Machinery, Inc.

Built for the most extreme linear scrap challenges

Model 5703 XHD Chopper

Put four cable-annihilating rotary knives on a beefy 600 lb flywheel that’s driven by up to 60 HP of raw power and you have a super heavy-duty rotary shear with a serious appetite. Sweed’s taken their popular 5703 rotary shear, originally introduced in the early 90’s, and given it several key design upgrades with one thing in mind- make a heavy-duty rotary shear that will stand up to the most extreme ACSR challenges.

With Sweed exclusive hydraulic feedworks powered by dual orbit motors, the new 5703 XHD has a variable in-feed speed of 0 – 200 FPM, and unlike any other Sweed chopper with standard mechanical feedworks, the hydraulics can be reversed if necessary to actually back material out of the in-feed opening. Using the stand-alone control panel to regulate in-feed speeds, operators can safely feed loose material at low speeds or literally pulverize heavy ACSR and multi-strand communications cable at very high speeds.

The extra heavy flywheel can be configured with up to four rotating knives and produce cut lengths between 1/4” and 5 1/2”. At 200 FPM, the 5703 XHD can process an impressive 4000 lbs of material per hour. Each knife has a lifespan of 400,000 – 600,000 pounds of cut material, and the larger in-feed opening handles material under 6 1/2” wide. Designed with easy service and maintenance in mind, the unique front opening “bolt-on” feedworks, taper-lock flywheel/shaft assemblies and high-performance bearings make the 5703 XHD a remarkably tough chopper perfect for high-production environments.

The 5703 XHD is widely recognized in the industry for pre-chopping reeled cable and can be customized to virtually any linear scrap chopping application—delivering exceptional power and quick payback.

Magnetic Separator System for ACSR

When coupled with Sweed’s Magnetic Separator, the 5703 XHD becomes an unparalleled separation system for processing Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) cable.

Known in the industry for delivering uncompromising performance, the 5703 XHD de-spools ACSR at top speeds and at short cut lengths optimum for clean separation. After exiting the chopper, the ACSR fragments travel onto a vibrating shaker table, further separating the two metals, to a powerful magnetic cross belt which effectively captures the steel. The cleanly separated ferrous and non-ferrous materials are then conveyed to transfer bins. Sweed’s Magnetic Separator System is built for years of service and has no trouble keeping up with the top speeds of the 5703 XHD. Highly customizable, the layout of the system conveyors can be configured to fit unique space and application requirements.

Buying Sweed is always a good investment, and the 5703 XHD Magnetic Separator System is certainly no exception. With prices of chopped and separated ACSR easily bringing three times that of conventionally processed scrap, it’s not uncommon for companies processing 100,000 pounds or more of ACSR annually to realize a three to six month payback on the system.

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