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In the framework of my present study at Wageningen University I am accomplishing my MSc thesis. A HBO study, Commercial Economics and a route of Bachelor and Master subjects preceded this. In that time much attention has been spent to increase my knowledge of the literature and the analysis of this information both individually as well
in a team with fellow students.
This study is an integrated research about the competitive power of a part of the Ghanaian agriculture sector; the products and processed variants of maize and cassava. It is the company ISCOM that offered me the possibility for this thesis. I am very grateful the director Dr. T. Wolters for this nice task 'Analysis of the current market situation and
future market perspectives of maize and cassava cultivated by farmers in the Western Region, Ghana'.
Through my research and study of literature and journals, I like to present the case
regarding this research as real and practically as possible.

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