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System administration for business continuity – the case of HP–UX operating system

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The paper explores the roles of system administration as an IT–operation and system administrator as an IT–specialist from business continuity perspective. It aims at identifying the most critical system administrator's activities and server operating system's features for achieving high availability ratios and hence enhancing business continuity. HP's HP–UX as a server operating system is selected as a case. A thorough list of main system administration commands, tools, techniques and technologies on the HP–UX operating platform that are crucial for enhancing business continuity are identified. The paper is presented in a form of case study combined with the systems approach in exploring modern server operating environments, system administration, availability and business continuity. The paper can be used to identify a framework for defining additional skills of system administrators and necessary features of server operating environment within the efforts of enhancing high availability ratios and business continuity.

Keywords: high availability ratios, server operating systems, HP–UX, Hewlett–Packard UniX, multitasking, multi–users, computer operating systems, information technology, communications technology, ICT operations, ICT specialists, critical system administrators, system administration commands, operating platforms, operating environments, additional skills, business continuity, risk management

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