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System for bioremediation of effluents

Executive Summary

The remediation process of commercial, municipal, industrial and agricultural wastewaters has employed combinations of sulfuric acid, caustic, petroleum based solvents and synthetic emulsifiers, which are either toxic or generally non-biodegradable. An alternate method using naturally occurring microorganisms has been utilized for many years to facilitate the remediation process. Vegetative bacteria are essential for enhancement of the natural breakdown of organic matter collected from these waste streams. Historically, bacteria have only been available commercially as dormant or resting spores and at relatively low activity levels. These limitations have made the use of bacteria economically prohibitive for many systems to utilize the appropriate high levels of bacteria required to significantly reduce Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Fats, Oils and Greases (FOGs). The automated BioAmp® system is a patented technology which is the result of a unique blend of microbiology and engineering that provides the ability for on-site production and dispensing of beneficial bacteria.

The BioAmp was developed to overcome the limitations associated with the bioremediation of effluents. It is a cost effective, easy to operate, dosing system that dispenses high levels (30 trillion per day) of a renewable feedstock made up of naturally occurring strains of Pseudomonas and Bacillus species, directly into problematic drain lines. These bacteria release enzymes to degrade organic matter in drain lines, which is then converted by natural biochemical reactions into carbon dioxide and water. The BioAmp dispenses the equivalent of 292 gallons of common bacterial products down a drain line every 24 hours while eliminating drum storage and disposal concerns. The BioAmp reduces the need for commonly used acid, caustic, and solvent drain maintainers with a rapidly renewable resource and reduced hazard concerns, providing an effective, greener option for drain line maintenance.

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