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System of systems engineering: an emerging multidiscipline

In this paper, we present System of Systems Engineering (SOSE) as a developing multidiscipline, spanning across and drawing from a variety of disciplines to address complex situations; situations are characterised by ambiguity, high uncertainty and emergence. This paper is organised to: (1) provide an assessment of the current state of SOSE field development, (2) suggest the nature of complex issues for which traditional approaches are falling short to include the corresponding challenges facing SOSE development, (3) describe two perspectives of the SOSE response to complex situations and (4) establish an emerging paradigm for SOSE as a multidiscipline based on current research. This paper concludes with the implications for further development of research and practice for SOSE.

Keywords: system of systems, SOS, system of systems engineering, SOSE, complexity, complex situations, ambiguity, uncertainty, emergence, multidisciplinary systems

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