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T-T project`s supply 11 pumping stations case study


Courtesy of T-T Pumps Ltd.

T-T Projects have recently completed a scheme in South Wales providing eleven pumping stations on a nickel refinery plant called Vale Inco in Clydach who are owned by Brazilian mining giant CVRD (short for Companhia Vale do Rio Doce).

The pumping stations consisted of one concrete chamber, with a selection of Planet Range Package Pumping Stations and Weolite chambers. Nine of the stations are providing a first time pumped sewage system on the site and two are for pumping process water. Ten of the pumping stations are going to be constantly monitored by our Text-Tel Alarm Units once thay have been commissioned.

T-T Projects are also supplying for the same comapany with a pumping station at the National Wetlands Centre at Llwynhendy near Llanelli. The station will pump water from the low lands up to the visitor centre ponds and beyond through a valve manifold arrangement.

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