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TAIM WESER presents at the CERN LHC


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CERN, European Center for Nuclear Investigation, it is one of the biggest and more respected scientific investigation centres all over the world. Its business is the fundamental physics in order to discover of what is made and how functions the Universe. At CERN, complex scientific instruments are used in order to study the basic components of the matter- the fundamental particles-. When these particles collide, Physicists are able to study what happens and they learn about the laws of Nature.

The instruments utilized at CERN are particle accelerators and detectors. Accelerators impel the particles at high energies and make them to collide with stationary objectives. Detectors observe and register the results of these collisions.

LHC is the biggest and the most complex scientific instrument that has been ever made and the particle accelerator of the highest energy all over the world. The accelerator is located into a tunnel at 100 m depth under French and Swiss territory.

The year 2008 is considered as the culminating point of 20 working years of physicist, engineers, technicians and helping people on 80 different countries (www.cern.ch).

In 1998, TAIM WESER was awarded with the order for three (3) main cranes included in the erection of the great detector of LHC.

The project consisted of two phases:

At a first stage ( year 2000) it was planned  the supply of two gantry cranes with 80 t lifting capacity and 20,6 m span. A very important characteristic of the cranes was the lifting height of 115 m. The aim of the cranes was to carry out the erection of the detector on the surface for being placed into the cavern after being tested. The cavern was situated at 100 m dept through a pitch of 18 m diameter. Another fundamental characteristic of the cranes was the accuracy of motion: 1 mm.

In the second stage (year 2003) The crane was supplied in order to carry out the erection of the cavern. Although the crane was smaller, it was very complex because of the technical and space requirements and the reduced space available on the cavern.

This project consolidated the Company of Aragon within the reduced group of companies, capable of facing projects of high technological degree in sectors so demanding as the nuclear one.

From that time onwards, TAIM WESER has been participating in this type of projects and nowadays is taking place in CELLS project (Construction, Equipment and Exploitation of the Light Laboratory of Sincrotrón) in the Catalonian Region Cerdanyola del Vallés (Barcelona) that could be defined like a CERN on a small scale.

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