Taiwan: Water quality key to success in eel farming


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

A notable Taiwanese scholar discovered the key to growing eel in Taiwan: good water quality. Only Japan had been capable of raising eel in Asia. He reported, 'The number one source of pond pollution is the bottom of the ponds where animal wastes and left-over feed accummulate and deplete oxygen.'

This scholar raises Anguilla japonica eels at his research institute’s 2 hectare farm at stocking densities of 30,000 per 0.2 ha. ponds. He uses AIRE-O2® aerators because they 'use a propeller to inject air into the water and it forces oxygen to the bottom of the pond. His production rate of 60 metric tons is proof that this scholar knows best! Contact Aeration Industries for more information.

'AIRE-O2® aerators restore water quality that other aerator types cannot do,' said this eel researcher.

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