Take their own medicine - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

Würth is a chain of wholesale stores that sell e.g. tools, fixing and assembly materials. The Odense branch bought a X12 baler 2½ years ago after moving to new premises. Due to less available space they needed a compact baler, which was easy to install and had a high capacity.

”Previously, we filled empty packaging into a big container outside. Sometimes we even climbed into it and jumped on the waste to compress it, but in our new premises we have less room. First we considered using a smaller container with more collections, but after we talked to a consultant from Bramidan, we decided on a baler instead,” says Anders Prip, head of the department.

Easy and safe handling
The machine is placed in the goods reception, where it used in turn for cardboard/paper and plastic. In total the store generates ca. 3.5 tonnes of cardboard annually, which is compacted into bales of 80 kg that are collected every 5-6 weeks. This faster way of waste handling is much easier than before and has made it possible for Würth to free up own resources in the daily working routines. At thesame time safety at the working place has been increased.

We no longer give it a thought
“Our products are delivered in special cardboard boxes, which are very robust and not easy to destroy after use. We need not worry about this anymore, as we just throw the packaging directly into the baler and let the machine do the ‘hard’ work of compacting,” he explains and adds that he is convinced waste handling now is much faster.

”We have not measured the time saved, but we can definitely feel the difference. Actually, we no longer give it a thought. We unpack and throw the waste away immediately.”

So far the Odense branch is the only Würth store that has introduced a baler. According to Anders Prip the explanation lies in the fact that the other stores are situated in industrial areas, where there is more space for a container. However, he is not in doubt that his colleagues could benefit from switching to a baler.

”In the industrial areas they need not think so much about the space they use. But they might not be aware of how quick and easy their waste handling could be with a baler,” he concludes.

About Würth
Würth Danmark is part of an international commercial corporation, which operates through more than 400 departments in 86 countries. The Würth group has the widest product programme of tools, fixing and assembly materials, chemical products, personal protection equipment, stock keeping and picking systems primarily for professionals (BtB).

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